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If "Other", please specify
If "Other", please specify
+27 21 777 777 77

In case of any funds rejecting, please nominate refund account details

Please add more user to a spreadsheet and "Attach file"

If you have a specific layout file, please email a old file for us to create your layout format.

If selected, then acount holder details will be verified and only account numbers, branch codes and names that exactly matches your authorised list will be allowed to transact.
If selected, then you will be able to pay directly to cell phone numbers using the selected ATM services to withdraw cash.
If you select this option, all duplicate account numbers in your batch will be indicated in red ONSCREEN and will be BLOCKED. If selected, then you will not be allowed to process duplicate transactions and all duplicate pairs will be removed from the batch and an email notification will be sent to one nominated email address. If Time Period is selected, it will not only block it in the same batch but also for the period of days. Thus, account number can only be paid once during the selected time period.
This will block account numbers that have been paid in the last days.